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Information about salt

  • Salt is a natural mineral that contains chlorine (CL) (60.66%) and sodium (Na) (39.345%), and is chemically known as (sodium chloride (NaCL), which is found in nature in the form of the very rare mineral halite or hydrohalite.
  • brief history :-

    Salt is one of the oldest raw materials known to man since the beginning of creation and its use for some simple purposes. One of the oldest salt mines in the world is the Kewra mine in Pakistan. It is an economic wealth that represents the second largest salt reserve in the world. It is also considered a steadfast witness throughout the world. Time has passed on the beauty and magic of salt …

About Al-Ain Company

Al-Ain Company for saltworks for production, refining and manufacture of salt is located in the industrial zone in east Port Said area of the Suez Canal Economic Authority. It is one of Al-Ain companies established in 2014 on an area of 2300 acres (9,660,000 m^2), Al-Ain Company for saltworks for production, refining and manufacture of salt is one of the largest salt producing companies in Egypt and the Middle East…

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 We produce high-quality extra-washed sea salt, which is used in various applications.
 Our salt is pure, free from contaminants, and of the highest quality. It’s perfect for use in
the industrial, food, and de-icing road salt industries, as well as water-softening

عقود من الخبرة

Decades of experience

Al Ain Salines is a salt production and trading company based in plot No. 360,
surrounding land south of Port Fouad saline Lake, Portsaid.Established in 2014, we operate on a plot of land spanning over 400 acres.

We specialize in producing extra-washed sea salt (Sodium Chloride > 98%) with a
production capacity of one million metric tons per year. Our salt is supplied to partners in
both domestic and global markets for various applications, including industrial chemicals,
food, de-icing road salt, and water softening. Al Ain Salines developed its expansion strategy to do


Working Process in 5 Steps

Achievements and Awards

Our salt is sold locally and overseas to Serbia, Montenegro, Italy, Greece, Cyprus, Albania, Lebanon, and Syria. In 2020, our export rates exceeded the 200,000 tons barrier with the expansion in European markets to other countries such as Romania and Croatia according to quality standards and internationally required measurements. We agreed with TCI SANMAR, one of the largest companies in the world specializing in the production of sodium hydroxide and PVC to supply them with salt.

Quality and Sustainability .

We’re committed to quality and sustainability at Al Ain Salines.
Our production process is designed to extract the purest sodium chloride possible, and we take
measures to ensure our salt is free from contaminants.
We also strive to minimize our impact on the environment and operate sustainably..

Discover the Natural Taste of Pure Salt

At Al Ain Salines, we take pride in our commitment to quality and sustainability. Our salt is harvested using a natural and environmentally-friendly process, ensuring that it is pure and free from contaminants. Additionally, our salt is rich in essential minerals and nutrients, making it a healthier alternative to processed salt.

We offer a wide range of salt products, including raw salt, washed salt, and de-icing salt. Our products can be used for a variety of purposes, from food seasoning to industrial applications.

 We take a number of measures to ensure that our salt is pure and free from contaminants. Our evaporation and sedimentation processes remove impurities from the salt, and our rigorous quality control procedures ensure that only the highest quality salt is packaged and shipped to our customers.

Absolutely. We take our responsibility to the environment seriously and are committed to sustainable practices throughout our operations. From our natural harvesting process to our eco-friendly packaging, we strive to minimize our impact on the environment and promote a healthier planet.

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